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Splitting headache visited him again this morning but he just clasped his mug of ale in his hands adorned with claws instead of nails – one of many signs of his outworldly origin. Feist knew this pain he feels is not the one from drinking, the one he was used to.

This pain was the sign his breed has returned to this world, notion that made him clench his saber sharp teeth even harder.

Feist was one of many demons that came with the last raid, millennia ago. The only demon known to betray his evil kind. Ever since he was fighting in every war or drinking himself to unconsciousness trying to get himself killed either by a sword, arrow or alcohol. But, now the time has come to soak his fists in some demonic blood. Hate against demons, against himself rages inside Feist – oh, will the damned headache stop?

In-Game Description

If some champion excels in close combat that would be Feist. What could be said about a champion that uses only his fists as weapons, anyway? At first, Feist may seem underpowered with his limited range but after a period of adjustment you will grow to like destruction he is capable of delivering.

Attacks and Abilities

Q Fast, low damage dealing punch that can be used as combo (with rapid pressing of the skill button) for additional damage and knock up.
W This skill makes Feist go into double punch combo hitting everything directly in front of him.
E Use this when enemy is in melee range to grab him, slam him twice, kick him in the air and then blast him away with a power punch.
R Ultimate AOE ability causing Feist to go into punching spree that will decimate everything that stands in his way.