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To the far north lies The Wailing Lands, infamous for its icy storms and ever blowing winds that can be heard as wails for hundreds of kilometers in distance, hence the name. Dreaded region is home for many devious monsters, bloodthirsty beasts and a small population of hardy human hunters and rangers.

Athy’s father was one of the hunters, one who learned how to survive in dire conditions of the frozen wastelands against all odds. On the day of her twelfth birthday, it was time for Athy to learn the way of the bow, weapon praised among the people of north, and father took her on a hunt.

Their camp has been surrounded by a pack of strange looking wolves that even Athy’s father, and experienced hunter, have never seen before. A score of beasts slowly circled around them, snarling and exposing long white teeth, and Athy’s father climbed her on the nearby tree instructing her not to jump down no matter what happens. Athy watched hopelessly as her father dashed trying to lead the hungry pack away from her.

After some time feeble girl finally found the courage to climb down. She yelled and called her father’s name while searching for him in vain. With each passing hour Athy was feeling colder and colder until her small body dropped into the snow exhausted. Sleep was slowly crawling upon Athy and with it certain death because snowy north doesn’t give lenience to the weak.

But, instead of embrace of death, small girl was greeted by unusual warmth and a vision from a force unknown, a godly looking woman dressed in icy blue and motherly smile. A dream? It could be but Athy woke up next to most beautiful bow and a quiver and she knew its name was Falling Star, Etcher of Perdition, glorious weapon she would use to cull the evil off this world.

In-Game Description

Athy is a glass cannon champion whose main strength is exceptionally high range damage and ability to pepper enemies with arrows screen wide. After player masters keeping his distance from the enemies, Athy will feel like harbinger of death.

Attacks and Abilities

Q Quick shot with low to moderate damage that knocks your champion back increasing distance between you and enemies.
W Multishot ability that hits every enemy in front of Athy.
E This shot will knock up and back all enemies that are close to Athy.
R Ultimate attack will small charge time and large cool down that will decimate everything foolish enough to stand in front, laser style.